All about Parsnips!


  Parsnips are a great alternative to eating french fries. When you try these babies, they taste just like you are eating potato fries but a little bit sweeter. I did a search on The benefits of parsnips and here’s what I’ve found: Parsnips are high in Fiber Parsnips are high in Vitamin C, K, E Parsnips helps to regulate the immune system Parsnips are naturally sweet and is about 75 calories Parsnips are high in potassium, Iron, magnesium, which helps with high blood pressure and controls the heart rate. Parsnips can be eaten raw and its related to the carrot family and is a great dietary option. **Interesting Fact: Parsnips are known to lower levels of depression when added to your diet regularly.** I came across this method when I was looking to [Continue Reading…]

All about Fitness!


So this year I’ve declared it to be my year of running 3 miles in 18 minutes. Slowly I’ve just been running constantly and now I’ve went from running 3 miles in an hour to 3 miles in 30 minutes. This was a journey, I’ve found that, some people tell me that it was impossible, I’m crazy, I’ve been questioned, why would I do it? I understand that for some, it may seem like a crazy goal. For me, I felt like I could do it, running, didn’t seem pleasant to me until I added this goal, which made it exciting and everyday I try to strive toward running. Its great exercise but I wanted to achieve something with it, other than losing weight, I wanted it to be a reachable [Continue Reading…]

P023: Fit for Faith (Interview with Diana Anderson-Tyler)

diana tyler

  In this episode, I talk about fitness being more about eating right and working out. We talk about our motivates toward our fitness goals. I even share mine currently. Diana is a certified personal trainer, Level 1 CrossFit coach, blogger, writer, author, wife and most importantly loves the Lord! She also talks about her battle with depression and anorexia as a teen, which led her to develop and embrace a more clearer understanding of how we are to care for our bodies through proper eating, consistent training, even deep-seated faith. She’s passionate about sharing the message of truly complete fitness – for mind, body, and soul – with the world.   Scriptures and Book Resources: – 1 Corinthians 10:31 “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, [Continue Reading…]

P022: Dress with Purpose (Interview with Manda Hall)

Manda Hall15

In Today’s episode: Dress with Purpose. Is the topic going along with this month theme, Health is wealth, I am sharing topics related to our health of not just our bodies but our minds. I personally know Manda Hall and she has SUCH A BEAUTIFUL spirit and is MADLY in LOVE with the LORD. I got a chance to hear her testimony at a womans retreat and it touched me in so deep in my heart. I can relate, she shares on the podcast her testimony, what God has done in her life and where she is now. Not only will you be blessed but freed from the negative talk that we tend to give ourselves about our bodies, that we need to pay attention to. In the podcast, I [Continue Reading…]

P021: Sinner saved by grace (Interview with Kate Horney)


  Kate’s honesty and transparency is amazing as she shares her struggles and victories in life. A powerful statement she made that really hit was that she is a sinner saved by grace. Her blog: Beyond Fit mom, it was established to provide moms of all ages with the resources they need to look good, feel great and live healthy, happy & balanced lives! Quote that was shared: “Only one life, ’twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last.” ~C.T. Studd Book resource: Don’t waste your life by John Piper You can learn more about Kate and fitness recipes at: BeyondFitMom Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

7 Awesome Apps for Christian Entrepreneurs Pt. 1

Phone apps15

When you begin your journey as an entrepreneur, as you step out into the things God has called you to do (Your Purpose), there will be times when you will get distracted, discouraged and disappointed. Distracted: something that makes it difficult to think or pay attention to, Discouraged: to lose confidence or enthusiasm and Disappointment: the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations. Walking out your purpose in business, the devil can cause you to be distracted, discouraged and disappointment as you step out. His very job is to steal, kill and destroy your life (John 10:10), to get you discouraged, sometimes you may step out and when you do, it can be different then what everyone else in your field is doing, it can [Continue Reading…]

P020: Meat and Potatoes

  I LOVE to say “Meat and Potatoes” in some of my podcast episodes, What I’m saying is the important substance of the episode. So I’m giving you the meat and potatoes from the start of the episode, in sharing the updates on the podcast, the interviews, me stepping out on what God has put in my heart to do, such as writing a book and continuing with the podcast and sharing my heart behind it. Here is the story behind A Purpose Driven Wife Podcast I share that in this episode, I am constantly improving the quality of my podcast episodes. My kids are sleeping as I’m doing this podcast, so I had the opportunity to record while the house is quiet, and this is not always the case, [Continue Reading…]

P019: A Good Marriage vs A Bad Marriage (Interview with Belah Rose)

Delight your Marriage

I had a great interview with Belah Rose from Delight your Marriage. Where her mission is to (from her website): Inspire…your marriage with a depth of love, intimacy, and purpose God desires for His beloved daughters. Empower…women’s journey toward finding their sexual strength and confidence through knowledge and understanding. Motivate…women towards living the loving, generous, and Jesus-oriented life in their marriage and beyond. She has a lovely ministry on her blog and podcast in sharing the truth about intimacy and marriage and the way God designed it.   In this podcast we share our testimonies, the word of God, tips and some laughs. Before you listen any further in the podcast, you will hear my little one in the background and some very intimate tips as well. You will be blessed when [Continue Reading…]

P018: Sex with your spouse is worship to God Pt. 2

Disclaimer: #1- I say “You know” a lot AND you can hear my baby girl in the background… I want to you to get the REAL, RAW and AUTHENTIC experience of my life. #2- This podcast is not your regular podcast, I talk about sex and its very raw and uncut…ENJOY!!!   Check out Part 1 to ” Sex with your spouse (in marriage) is worship to God. Here’s a recap: I want to bring sex within marriage to a new light and share with you, tips and advice on experiencing true intimacy in marriage. It is more than just having great sex, experiencing great oral sex, and AMAZING orgasms, it’s about connecting with your spouse on a whole new level and inviting God in your marriage bed, you can [Continue Reading…]

Marvel Universal LIVE Review

Marvel 5

Photos courtesy of Feld Entertainment My family and I had the opportunity to go see MARVEL Universe Live The kids and I had a BLAST!!! With ALL the action, sound effects, story line, and watching their favorite characters…It was AWESOME in their words. We went to the Valley View location and was treated to the Media VIP event that had cookies, drinks, face painting, props and taking pictures with the actors was SUPER FUN!!! The actors were EXTREMELY nice, which made the show even nice,  and personal for the kids. If you want to see more pictures and videos of the kids and I hanging out, enjoying the show, you can check out more pictures on my instagram. I would recommend anyone checking out this show. You have until April [Continue Reading…]