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My family has been here in California for a little over 2 years and have tried a quite a few Mexican dishes. I have heard of Chronic Tacos and want to give it a try. Hearing about the generous portions the fresh authentic Mexican food, and fun vibe of the place, I couldn’t pass it up! Just one taco can feed our family of 5, including our baby girl who can eat a steak all by her self! We are always on the hunt for the absolute best Mexican food that we can find and we are pretty sure Chronic Tacos has the best from all the rest! Their menu items have something for everyone and the freshness of their foods is what drew me. All of their menu items [Continue Reading...]

Mil-blogging Featured Blogger


Hi Guys! WOW! I’m the first featured blogger of the Mil-blogging buddies Facebook group… I’m a little nervous being first, so here goes. I was asked to write about the behind the scenes of what I do in my blogging world. Well, right now it is Monday night, here in San Diego, CA, almost 10:30pm, and I’m here trying to finish up blog posts, while my 9 year old twins, (School hasn’t started yet) are still up watching a Netflix show and my youngest Baby girl is sleeping, who will be 1 yrs old in 8 days, WOW! it went super quick the 2nd time around! So When you look on the right side of my blog, under my name is a little description of myself… that is ME in [Continue Reading...]

Recipes for hair growth Part 3

Tapilia with bluberry salad

  This recipe was SUPER simple and Easy! I actually had some of these fruits and veggies and made a quick salad and homemade dressing pan-fried some fish and it was VERY tasty! Fish is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids! Salmon is a high quality protein. Fish has vitamin B-12 and Iron. Tilapia is a mild-flavored, white-fleshed fish and is a terrific, low-calorie source of lean protein, making it a great food to enjoy for weight loss or if you are at risk of cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes. The protein found in tilapia can also help moderate your mood by slowing the absorption of carbohydrates and keeping blood-sugar levels stable. To maintain the health benefits of tilapia, bake, grill, or roast the fish rather than frying it. (Note: [Continue Reading...]

Back to school kid-friendly recipes


The sound of the school bell ringing will soon be a normal part of your child’s day. My kids start school next month, my twins will be turning 10 and entering into the 4th grade and I’m preparing now, so its not a rush when its time for school. Whether your child is 4 or 14, adjusting to school is never easy. This transition can be softened with the help of one of my favorite organizational tools, eMeals! eMeals provides you simple breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert meal plans to help you easily and effectively plan meals for your family. One of the new favorites is their kid-friendly meal plan. Each meal plan comes with a ready-made shopping list to help you get through the grocery store in no [Continue Reading...]

Turn It Up Tuesday #47‏

Welcome to the 47th week of Turn It Up Tuesday! Welcome to Back to school Week! This week’s topic is “Back to School”. Share your back-to-school posts here (and your non-back to school posts – no one is excluded) this week! Each of the hosts and guest hosts will be selecting 2 posts this week! That means you’ll have double the chances to be Featured and win Best of the Best! Thanks so much to everyone that joins us each week and makes this blog hop the best that it could be! As you may know, Turn It Up Tuesdays is all about being happy, excited, energetic…and having fun! Link up your favorite posts and meet some awesome bloggers in return! Link up your funny stories, DIY posts, recipes, mommy [Continue Reading...]

The Spousebuzz Experience

Screen-shot-2012-02-25-at-2_opt.png’s Spouse Experience is a one-of-a-kind interactive event presented by military spouses for military spouses. Every year’s Spouse Experience brings together thousands of military spouses to extend support to the women and men on the homefront. The event is an opportunity for all military spouses to get together, learn from each other, share the joys and challenges of military life, and laugh at the inevitable and incredible “oops” moments that all milspouses have. At the Spouse Experience you will gather up a boatload of encouragement and so much more! Here is some of the topics that was discussed… Kiss Like You Deploy Tomorrow You didn’t marry someone in uniform so you could toddle off to the commissary for American cheese and white bread.  We bet you were hoping for [Continue Reading...]

WorldFood Sauces #Review


WORLDFOODS is a legendary pioneer in the Fusion and Asian food industry. For over twenty years they’ve been developing recipes using 100-percent natural ingredients. By combining traditional herbs and spices they create fusion flavors that fit perfectly in the kitchen of a culinary connoisseur on an everyday family. Each of their sauces is crafted by a team of master chefs, nutritionists, market researchers, food tasters, and everyday ordinary users to find the perfect balance of quality and flavor. WORLDFOODS only uses authentic herbs and spices along with 100-percent natural, fresh ingredients to create each of its unique flavors. • Currently the brand offers 65 different sauces, dips, and marinades all inspired by the tastes of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, and India. • These sauces are perfect for individuals with [Continue Reading...]

Circus Fun


      This past weekend my kids and I received the opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn facts about the elephants and other animals of the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey, “The greatest Show on earth” we had a BLAST! We learned so many facts about the types of elephants they have. Facts: – Elephants are herbivorous (non-meat eaters). Their staple diet is 150 – 250 pounds of hay per day with some additional grains, fruits, and vegetables. – Elephants’ vocalizations incorporate a wide range of frequencies, ranging from high-pitched squeaks to low rumbles. The human ear can hear most of these vocalizations; however, some are of such low-frequency that they are audible only to the animals. – Elephant-like animals have roamed the earth for the [Continue Reading...]

Creative Style Linkup- Week 10

Tweet   Welcome to the Week 10 of the Creative Style Linkup! Thank you so much for yet another week of great linkups and the opportunity to connect with more bloggers last week! This week, apart from sharing your favorite blog posts with us you can grow your Bloglovin’ and Facebook accounts. Did we mention that each week we will be selecting 3 favorite posts and most clicked posts get pinned to this Pinterest Board here? We’re excited to pin your posts to give you more exposure! Your Stylish Co-Host:   Follow Trista at A Purpose Driven Wife Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Google+ | Bloglovin’ | YouTube   Week 9 Results: Most clicked: Apps – The Top 12 Blogger Must Haves by Janine at J9 Designs [Continue Reading...]

Turn It Up Tuesday Link Up!

Welcome to the 46th week of Turn It Up Tuesday! Thanks so much to everyone that joins us each week and makes this blog hop the best that it could be! Welcome our August team… As you may know, Turn It Up Tuesdays is all about being happy, excited, energetic…and having fun! Link up your favorite posts and meet some awesome bloggers in return! Link up your funny stories, DIY posts, recipes, mommy moments — anything at all, as long as it is family-friendly. We want to laugh, be entertained, be inspired, and have a good time! SPONSOR OF THE MONTH Debbie from Heartbeats ~ Soul Stains “Heartbeats Soul Stains is a place I’d like to share my thoughts and experiences on being a woman, wife, a mother of 7, [Continue Reading...]