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Going Green Q&A:


1. What started it all off for you?

When I started going natural. I cut off all of my perm hair and decided to start my locs. The more research I did on locs and natural hair it led me to learn about essential oils, natural hair and body products, fresh fruits and vegetables and so on.

2. What was the first thing to go? (Ingredient or product)

Permed, relaxed products, and products with chemicals I couldn’t pronounce.

3. What are you or what did you struggle to let go of?

I struggled with being able to easily use commercial products that were cheaper to use. I wanted to use natural but because of expense I would settle for the store brand instead of natural, still a struggle for me.

4. What has been your best find? (i.e a green product or a tip that you’re really glad you’ve found/learnt)

The best find was and still is essential oils!

5. What has been the worst thing about going green? What has been the hardest to transition or find an adequate green replacement of?

The hardest for me was finding products for my locs to retwist without any beeswax that I can use as a body butter as well. That’s why I made some of my own: HERE

6. Anything else to add? Any tips or tricks to pass on? The best thing in my life has been essential oils and for me, has changed and made a HUGE difference in my life and even my business!

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