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What is a Pescetarian? A Person that eats seafood instead of meat, such as Chicken, ham, turkey, etc. I have adopted this lifestyle and have been faithful living it for 3-4 months now and LOVE IT!!! It started when my husband began eating fruits and vegetables on deployment and he’s been thriving and going strong for 2 years now and LOVES IT!!!! So I recently did a video on my channel check it out.

The word Pescetarian is a relatively new word, according to Merriam Webster. Coined in 1993, its source is likely the Italian “pesce” (Latin piscis, meaning fish) combined with the English “arian” in the word vegetarian (

I wanted to try it out for 30 days to see how I would like it, and my results has been awesome. I’ve lost weight, more energy, and it helps me to try new fruits, vegetables and new recipes and I love the creativity of finding recipes to try. My children are the only ones that are still eating meat in the household but my husband and I go back and forth on recipes, I like to try new things and at times he doesn’t.


Fruits and vegetables are a stable in most of my meals. So, why did I choose to make it a Lifestyle? Well, for me 3 reasons:

#1- The health benefits of eating seafood while avoiding red meat and poultry is amazing! Some fish are typically low in saturated fat, High on protein, low calories and most fish has loads of Omega 3s, and other essential vitamins that helps lower blood pressure and other health risks.

#2- It is also easy on the wallet. Very affordable lifestyle, going farmer markets has been affordable and trying out fruits and vegetables, as I stated above gives myself and my household variety.

#3- I have also noticed that my body is more lean then it was when I was eating meat. I am not where I want to be, but I see a difference in my body changing, while exercising I am losing more of this baby weight and feeling more energic as well.

Do you eat meat? If you are a Pescetarian let me know, is your household Pescetarian or just you? How do you like it? Are recipes easy to find? Share your story on the comments below.

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    • tlaborn says

      Thank you for sharing, I LOVE it so far and see myself living this things out! Thank you for stopping by!

  1. says

    Growing up, I would eat poultry and seafood and no red meat. My family was pseudo-vegetarian. You’ve piqued my interest with this seafood/veggie combo. I’m going to give it a try. But may limit myself to red meat 1 time a month as many of the ethnic foods I like contain some form of red meat.
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