Why I went natural with locs

Laborn Wedding 1-21-06


This is me in the year of 2006, when I married my husband. My hair was pretty long, permed for I don’t know, how long. At this time in my life I just received Jesus Christ, I was getting used to being a mom, my twins were 2 years old, and now a new wife in the military world.

Fast forward 3 years, 2009 I made the decision to stop using perm in my hair, I chopped it off and began my journey. At the time, I was learning more, and more about Jesus Christ and His LOVE for people and little by little He was making changes in my heart, I wanted to showcase those changes He was doing on the inside, on the outside. So Why locs? Well, the main reason is I saw that locs can be versatile. I saw a friend of mine in church wearing them and I felt, If she can do it, I can pull it off as well and it was different from every other hair style I’ve tried and I wanted something different. So I made the leap! I was so excited I made the choice, When I made the decision, I began to share with other women my choice, the response I got was: “Make sure you talk with your husband about it.” “Do you REALLY want locs?!” “Do you need to wash your hair when you get locs?!” “So and so had their locs for some years now…” I guess at the time, I was looking for some positive encouragement and was pretty disappointed that I didn’t get it.

But I pursued anyway because of the changes God was doing in my heart, I had a desire to share it on the outside. At that time there was little information about locs on the internet, except for 2 books, I came across, I read Locs for Life: The root to well being for African American women and Nice Dreads Both of the books stated I had to cut off my permed hair and wait for my natural hair (with no perm) to grow. I began to get braids, weaves, and eventually I started my locs.

Since then I’ve been loc’d now for 5 almost 6 years and it is still a work in progress for me. Everyday I am learning something new about my locs and I am so HAPPY, I’ve made the choice!


I encourage those that are looking to go natural, or get locs… do it! Do your research first, watch youtube videos, watching videos has been the biggest encouragement in my loc hair journey. Also search for a natural hair stylist in your area. I found a stylist by asking someone who did their hair, I tried it and love her!

Also don’t get so caught up on short hair, LOVE your hair no matter the process it’s going through. You have to learn to take care of your hair, what does your hair need, and what products you may need to maintain it. You can ONLY find that out by trying out different products to get the results you want. Don’t rush be patient!

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  1. sylvia m says

    hi trista
    i’m finally sitting down and looking at your website after lock appreciation day..yea i’m a little slow. I’m interesting in learning how you twist your locks tight to your scalp. As i stated at the seminar i have mine tightened regularly but have been thinking about doing it myself now. I want to be able to have my roots tight like they are when i go and get them i guess you can say “threaded”.
    Let me know if you can give me some advice on that. I have been using the lemongrass I purchased from you in my locks everyone loves the smell.


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