SuperWomen Spa Party Re-Cap

I had an AMAZING TIME! At the SuperWoman Spa Party Event, I attended a few weeks ago.


Taking time to pamper yourself is so important. It is literally vital to our health. After working hard at the job and coming home to do it all over again day in and day out, it wears on the body after awhile if we don’t care for ourselves. So here comes the SUPERWOMEN Spa Party, where we got just that and more, Pampered, an opportunity to relax and care for yourself and learn different techniques to help you feel restored.

 We all laughed and had an amazing time!

superwomen spa2

Getting a massage is ALWAYS RELAXING!

superwomen spa3

Ending the day with a group photo where everyone is truly relaxed and excited for the next SUPER WOMEN Spa Party is worth it!!!

Superwomen spa1


Our next coming SuperWomen Spa Party is September 20th

SuperWomen Spa Party2



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